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The qualified doctors the day before or the day of the appointment.

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The team informs the relevant parties so final arrangements can begin.

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If you need urgent care go to your nearest emergency department.

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Doctor are choosing from our diverse pool of health specialists. Discover better health & wellness by using our doctor ratings & reviews to make your choice.

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X-ray & CT Scan

X-ray & CT Scan

funeral home or-transport services and helps to complete and file the necessary paperwork with county…



These staff members are trained professionals who provide a calm and supportive presence during an…



The requested records directly to fuctional qualified doctors the day before or the day of the…

New year, new goals for UK grad student and cancer survivor.

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América del Sur

América del Sur: CYP2C8 Bravo-Villalta HV, Yamamoto K,…

América Central

América Central: CYP2B6 Arenaz I, Vicente J, Fanlo…


Venezuela: CYP2D6 Chiurillo MA, Grimán P,Morán Y, Camargo…


Uruguay: CYP2D6 Estevez F, Giusti M, Parrillo S,…

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico: CYP2C9 Villagra D, Duconge J, Windemuth…


Portugal: CYP2D6 Correia C, Santos P, Coutinho AM,…


Paraguay: CYP2D6 Bailliet G, Santos MR, Alfaro EL,…


Panamá: CYP2D6 Jorge LF, Eichelbaum M, Griese EU,…

Over 4,000 Patients Trust Us

Ready every minute of every day to treat even the most serious injuries when they come through the door. And a Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, caring for the tiniest and sickest newborns – and giving them a chance not just to live, but to live normal, productive, happy lives.


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Medicina Personalizada de Precisión en AP
20 octubre, 2018

Medicina Personalizada de Precisión en AP

Aquí te dejamos nuestro vídeo de la participación en el 40º Congreso Nacional SEMERGEN

Medicina de precisiòn o personalizada en Cuba Salud 2018
26 abril, 2018

Medicina de precisiòn o personalizada en Cuba Salud 2018

La reunión sobre medicina de precisión o medicina personalizada en Cuba , sus retos…

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